Zimbra Feature List & Product Comparison

Zimbra Feature List & Product Comparison

VMware Zimbra® Collaboration Server (ZCS) is a next-generation email, calendar and collaboration solution that is optimized for VMware. ZCS provides an open platform designed for virtualization and portability across private and public clouds, making it simpler to manage and more cost-effective to scale. With the most innovative Web application available, ZCS boosts end user productivity on any device or desktop – any time, any place – at dramatically lower costs compared to other providers.

Bagi rekan-rekan yang mungkin masih bingung mengenai perbedaan antara Zimbra Open Source Edition dan Zimbra Network Edition (yang terbagi lagi kedalam beberapa varian), berikut adalah beberapa link yang bermanfaat sebagai informasi tambahan :

  1. Zimbra Product Datasheet, berisi brosur mengenai VMWare Zimbra Collaboration Server
  2. Zimbra 7.0 What’s New, berisi penjelasan mengenai feature-feature terbaru yang disediakan pada VMWare Zimbra Collaboration Server versi terkini
  3. Zimbra Product Comparison-General Menjelaskan mengenai perbedaan masing-masing versi secara general
  4. Zimbra Product Comparison-Detail Menjelaskan mengenai perbedaan masing-masing versi secara detail untuk tiap feature yang tersedia

Common Organizational Platform Challenges

Existing solution Email (POP / IMAP) server only Legacy email and collaboration platform (Exchange, etc)
Typical pain points
  • No group calendars or shared address lists
  • No desktop or mobile sync
  • No backup and restore
  • Windows-centricity
  • Administration is complex and time consuming
  • High cost
Zimbra Collaboration Server (ZCS) benefits All versions of ZCS offer a complete email, contact, calendar and document management suite (included free Open Source Edition).Network Edition features full enterprise-class administration capabilities plus mobile and desktop sync (of mail, contacts, calendar). Zimbra’s innovative AJAX experience puts Windows, Mac and Linux end-users at complete feature parity.ZCS is based on highly scalable open source technology and provides simplified administration tools.

ZCS runs on Linux or Mac OS X commodity servers.

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