ZeXtras Suite 1.0.0 Release Candidate 3 Released!


Version 1.0.0-RC3

ZeXtras Suite

  • Multistore Support – ZeXtras Suite can now be installed on Multistore Environments. Backup, Restore, Export and Import your data to/from Multistore environments with improved precision and keeping your share consistency (via the zxsuite backup doFixShares command)
  • ZeXtras CLI – A brand new Command Line Interface for ZeXtras Suite.
  • New Zimlet – Complete rewrite of the ZeXtras Zimlet, polished and easy to use due to its 3-entry design.
  • Notification System – Read your ZeXtras Notifications straight from the ZeXtras Zimlet, with a Unread/Read useful for multiple administrators.
  • Domain Configuration restore – When importing or restoring a Domain its configuration is completely restored. Works with Domain Aliases too!
  • Disk Usage Thereshold – Set a Critical disk theresold for ZeXtras. If this thereshold is reached, ZeXtras Suite will ignore all operations in order to avoid filling your storage.
  • Complete Core Rewrite
  • Several UI bugfixes and improvements
  • Improved Error Reporting

ZeXtras Migration Tool

  • Multistore Support – ZeXtras Migration Tool can now be installed an used on Multistore Environments.
  • ZeXtras CLI – A brand new Command Line Interface for ZeXtras Migration Tool

You can download the latest version of ZeXtras Suite from HERE!

Bugs can be submitted at:

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