Rilis Zimbra Collaboration Suite Versi 7.1.4 & 6.0.15

Rilis Zimbra Collaboration Suite Versi 7.1.4 & 6.0.15

Zimbra Collaboration Server 7.1.4 & 6.0.15: NE Downloads | OS Downloads

Key Enhancements:

  • Combo right migrationAdminRights so delegated admins can run migration wizards. (65227)
  • Notify filter action supports an option to include original headers in the notification message. (64839)
  • BES administrator roles via besAdminDomainRights/besAdminServerRight. (37851)
  • Apache uses local config zimbra_tmp_directory instead of /tmp. (53183)
  • IMAP Expunge resets new message counter. (Bug 43863)
  • ZWC Thai language support (52429) & ZCS latest timezone data (65748)
  • IMAP connections dropped when zimbraUserServicesEnabled FALSE. (65464)
  • ActiveSync local config key zimbra_session_limit_sync default 5 (battery life vs max threads/devices) (68039)
  • Global LDAP attrib zimbraMessageIdDedupeCacheTimeout for LMTP de-dupe cache to workaround clients incorrectly using the same ID for different messages. If non-zero, zimbraMessageIdDedupeCacheSize limit is ignored. (44564)
  • Clipboard image paste support in Chrome added to ZCS 6.0.15 (63720) for other browsers see RFE 13032.
  • Administration console account contact Information includes fields for fax and job title. (12253)
  • ZCO no longer synces outlook 2010 hidden folders: News Feeds, Quick Step Settings, and Conversation (67728) & folder mapping localized name sync correction (68028)
  • Avoided GAL sync deadlock by increasing item cache size, new local config key zimbra_mailbox_galsync_cache (default 10000) set near number of items in galsync account. (65430)
  • ZWC soap_fault_include_stack_trace is FALSE on new installs (65653)
  • SOAP requests issued from SoapProvisioning will not request a needSession by default (67036)

Notable Fixes:

  • Attachments retained when an appointment is updated via CalDAV (64747)
  • IE 8 & 9 editor bug (63798) & Sarari 5 blank replies (67686)
  • Fix for OOM during MIME parsing caused by a mal-formed message 65408 & correct double encode/added line folding for MIME headers (61147)
  • Fixed blank body on display of messages with attachments (66192)
  • ZCS LDAP can interact correctly with non-ZCS LDAP clients when CA multi-trust chain CA is used olcTLSCACertificatePath=/opt/zimbra/conf/ca (57330)
  • Fix slapd lock up during modification to cn=config database while read with large number of results being processed (68521)
  • COS value for imbraPrefAppleIcalDelegationEnabled is now being inherited on accounts (66891)
  • Tar format mailbox export and GAL Sync fixes, also in 6.0.15 (56458/58212)
  • More details on

ZCS 7.1.4: Network Edition Downloads & Release Notes | Open Source Edition Downloads & Release Notes

ZCS 6.0.15: Network Edition Downloads & Release Notes | Open Source Edition Downloads & Release Notes
-Long deployment cycle? Consider the easy to apply 7.1.3/6.1.14 patches while you test. (If you don’t use ActiveSync.)
-New zmmboxmove CLI in 7.1.3+, which expands upon zmmailboxmove. (58159) Should you need to keep certain accounts in low downtime during upgrades, can move accounts between servers with different mailstore versions.
-zmmboxmove is different than zmztozmig which is intended for migrations between completely separate instances (i.e. not sharing same LDAP master).
-ZD, ZCB, and ZCA releases should be available in the coming weeks.

Masim Vavai Sugianto

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